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Pulau Daat
Pulau Daat is approx. 587 acres in area, is part of the island state of Labuan in Malaysia.
It is located off Northwest coast of Borneo, at 05 latitude North and 115 longtitude East and lies about 5km Southeast off the mainland of Sabah.

Its Deep bay provides ideal conditions for large vessels to anchor and is free from hurricane and typhoons and enjoys a tropical climate with two annual monsoon seasons. Daily temperatures average between 28 to 32 degrees celcius.

The local and international investors led by M/s RG Gas & Chemical (M) Sdn. Bhd. are desirous of developing the island into a major international Oil & Gas Petroleum Hub, Integrated Fabrication Hub, Port & Jetty and Supply Base.

Potential of Pulau Daat
Each years thousand of cargo ship and oil tanker move in both directions of the main shipping routes. As pic shown on left, main shipping routes pass just west and north outside of Pulau Daat, creating a huge potential for Pulau Daat to become an international oil and gas hub.